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Our Visit to Walpa in Japan

Our Visit to Walpa in Japan

During a recent trip to Japan, my husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit our long-time Japanese stockist, Walpa.

With their stores situated in the bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka, Walpa holds a special place in our hearts as one of our first-ever stockists. We had the chance to visit both of their stores during our recent trip to Japan, as you might have seen on my Instagram: here's the full story. 

Clematis Mural Wallpaper in window display in Walpa store, Japan


We had the pleasure of meeting Koichi Hamamoto, the owner of Walpa, along with Miki, a key executive, and their entire team. Their warmth and enthusiasm made our visit as enjoyable as it was enlightening. 


It was fascinating to learn how Walpa began as the first retail wallpaper store in Japan, shifting the market from bulk wholesaling to directly offering wallpapers to end customers. Beyond being a wallpaper shop, they also educate customers on how to hang their own wallpaper, making the process more accessible and enjoyable.


One of the highlights of our visit was seeing our designs come to life in their stores. In Osaka, our Clematis Mural Wallpaper was showcased in the window display - Miki shared that she styled it like a Tokonoma, a traditional Japanese alcove found in reception rooms of houses, often used to display art and objects of beauty. 

Pictured below is our Clematis Mural Wallpaper in the window display of the Osaka store (left) and an example of a Tokonoma, featuring elements such as a hanging scroll, a plant, and a tatami mat (right). 


I love it so much that it might inspire my next collection! 

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, our Desert Mural Wallpaper graced the window of their flagship store, beautifully styled as well. 


During the visit, a personal revelation occurred as I noticed my ability to read many Japanese kanji, thanks to their resemblance to Chinese characters. Inspired by this, I decided to sign my name in Chinese on our Hua Trees display board at the Walpa Osaka store.


The last time I wrote my name in Chinese was when I was seven, so it might look like it was signed by a child ☺

We were treated to a delightful Japanese meal and I couldn’t resist sharing the beautifully themed dessert that matched our Clematis wallpaper.


For anyone in Japan, or planning a visit, I highly recommend stopping by Walpa’s stores in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s a wonderful way to explore not just our complete collection but to also experience the world of wallpaper in a uniquely immersive -and educational- setting.

Check out Walpa's website here and follow them on Instagram


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