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Wallpaper Trends to Watch in 2024

Wallpaper Trends to Watch in 2024

Image: MAKS Design Studio


As we dive into Spring 2024, the world of wallpaper is bustling with exciting trends that we are in a unique position to notice.

From under-the-water themes to sophisticated dark palettes, here’s what we found is trending in wallpaper this year:


1. Making a Splash with Fish Wallpaper


One of our standout trends this year is the rise of fish-themed wallpaper. It seems everyone wants a piece of the ocean’s charm, particularly in unexpected nooks like powder bathrooms. Our Fish wallpaper, available in two colorways, has become a popular choice for those looking to add a WOW factor with a touch of whimsy and a burst of life to smaller spaces. Whether you're aiming for serene sophistication or a playful aquatic theme, this trend is making waves!


2. Children’s Murals: Imagination Unleashed

Colourful Jungle mural wallpaper in children's bedroom

Image: Ruth Mottershead


Children's rooms have always been a canvas for creativity, but recently, there’s been a significant uptick in mural installations. These aren’t just any murals; they're designed to inspire and fuel the imaginations of little ones.

grey trees wallpaper in bohemian childrens bedroom

Image: Balicka Design


Creating a dynamic and engaging environment, murals such as our Hua Trees or Jungle offer more than just decor - they give children a backdrop to dream big and play bigger. 


3. Going Green: Nature’s Palette

Olive green bedroom with trees wallpaper
Image: @casacrank


Green is undoubtedly the color of the year for interior design, and our wallpaper collections like Hua Trees Green, Swan Lake Green, and Dino Yellow Green are popular with our customers.

Swan Lake Green wallpaper in dining room

Image: MAKS Design Studio


It's clear that people are drawn to hues that evoke a sense of calm, nature, and renewal. Green wallpaper is here to stay!


4. Dark & Moody Elegance

Woodlands Khaki Blue wallpaper in moody kitchen

Design: Bespoke Only Photography: William Jess Laird


Most surprisingly to us is this trend: dark and moody wallpapers have made a strong comeback. Customers are turning to designs like Woodlands Khaki Blue and Clouds Black, seeking the depth and sophistication that darker hues offer.

Black clouds wallpaper in moody bathroom


Perfect for creating a dramatic backdrop in any room, these wallpapers lend an air of mystery and are ideal for those looking to make a bold statement.


5. Light & Dreamy: Soothing Spaces

Clouds wallpaper in beige colour in childrens bedroom


In a lighter colour scheme, our new Clouds Stone wallpaper is gaining rapid popularity, especially in nurseries. Its nude, almost ethereal color palette promotes tranquility and provides a perfect setting for the calmest of environments. Ideal for anyone looking to create a peaceful retreat at home, this wallpaper speaks to softness and simplicity.

Pink trees wallpaper mural in childrens bedroom

Image: A&D Vanessa Faivre Studio 


Meanwhile, Hua Trees in Pink has always been a popular choice for nurseries because of this exact reason. 


Stay tuned for more updates, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for personalized advice on incorporating these trends into your home!


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