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When To Wallpaper More Than One Wall

When To Wallpaper More Than One Wall

When it comes to deciding how much wallpaper to bring into your home, a feature wall is often the default choice. It helps bring focus to your room, build a balanced colour palette and it’s generally a really safe way to introduce a bit of pattern into your home.

But what if you want to take this one step further and decorate more than one wall with paper? How do you know when it’s the right time to make such a big commitment? Can you decorate any space head to toe and expect it to work?


With a little help from some of our collaborators and the amazing work they’ve done with our wallpapers, we’ve outlined some scenarios below where wallpapering more than one wall might be the way to go! 

Like all our blog posts, we want to provide you with some inspiration for your home, but if you have any specific questions about decorating your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When you’ve got a big room to fill

If you’ve got a large space to decorate, one wall of wallpaper just might not cut it. Wallpaper is there to enliven and accentuate your room, but if the dimensions are off, it could end up not having the impact you hoped for.

This is where we suggest running the pattern across another wall or two. Not only might this help your wallpaper make more of a statement, it may even bring the room together and help you craft a space that feels cohesive and complete.

Just take this adorable twin bedroom by Hannah Crowell as an example, making good use of our Mountains Wallpaper in Blue Peach.


When your furniture allows it

There is a word of caution to be had, however, when you do decide to go ahead and paper more than one wall. Wallpaper can have a presence, so you never want it to outshine or overbear the rest of the features in your room.

Be sure before you make the decision to decorate in this way, any pieces of furniture, upholstery and other decorative items are going to work with this slightly more maximal approach. If needs be, you may want to hold back on what you include in your space or explore some more neutral pieces.

As Ruth Mottershead beautifully demonstrates with our Jungle Mural in Colour, there's a bit of an art to blending it all in.

Sian Zeng Jungle Wallpaper Colour
Photo: @_paintgirl


When you want to create an immersive space

This is one of the biggest reasons we urge people to explore the possibility of decorating more than wall. Our designs have been created with the intention of transforming your space, whether that’s taking you off to the depths of the jungle, a magical woodland or to a prehistoric desertscape where dinosaurs roam. 

As the talented Katey Stanley demonstrates with our Fish Wallpaper in Blue Green, a completely wallpapered room can create a real sense of imagination, with her little boy transported into the wide open ocean everytime he steps into his ‘under the sea’ themed room.

Sian Zeng Fish Wallpaper Blue Green
Photo: @kateystanley


When you’re after ultimate cosy vibes

The same goes for if you want to craft a space of comfort and calm. Our warmer-coloured wallpapers in particular have a real atmosphere to them, perfect for bedrooms and corners of the room where you’re after something super dreamy.

You may even want to consider wallpapering your ceiling like Alina Eifel has done with our Woodlands Wallpaper in Brown Pink, a decision we feel really completes the magic of her little girls room.

Sian Zeng Woodlands Brown Pink
Photo: @alina_und_die_3_zwerge


When you just love the pattern

Is there any better reason to go all out and paper your whole room? We don’t think so. If you love the pattern, then embrace it.

Either way, you’ll never know until you’ve tried it. Lots of wallpaper might seem like a daunting task, but ultimately, if you love it enough, you'll find a way to make it work.

Just look at this dreamy haven by Moonchild Atelier featuring our Hua Trees Mural in Grey!

Sian Zeng Hua Trees Mural Grey

Photo: @moonchild.atelier


Shop all our storytelling wallpaper collections here.

Thank you to all our collaborators for welcoming our wallpapers into your beautiful homes!


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