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The Indoor Gardener

The Indoor Gardener
We've been busy on Pinterest recently, getting excited about gardening! Well, it is (supposedly) summer. We're not all blessed with an outdoor space at home, but we still want a garden. So, we've been checking out clever and beautiful solutions to make our indoor garden without the whole house getting taken over by plants. We've never had green fingers but these might be a little easier for us...hopefully! This bathroom is wonderful- the combination of old fashioned tub, tiling and wood, with trailing leaves feels so fresh and clean; and it must be like taking a holiday every time you take a bath- like being in the rainforest!

Terri Planty is a brilliant blog showcasing all kinds of horticultural delights. Through her we found The Plaid Pigeon, who make plant pots from old children's toys. Some of these will go very well in a room with our new wallpaper...

She also lead us to some more great DIY space-saving DIY ideas.

Bottle planters

These plastic bottle planters might not be the most delicate of decorations but it's a great idea to save space and re-use materials )and you could always find some prettier bottles!)

Hope you've enjoyed the images- and do let us know about how you get green-fingered at home! We'd love to see pictures tweeted @sianzengstudio or posted to our Facebook.

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