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New Collection: Jungle Wallpaper

New Collection: Jungle Wallpaper

Abundant, playful and rich, our Jungle Wallpaper invites you to imagine peeling back leaves to find exotic animals just waiting to share their story.

Sian Zeng Jungle Wallpaper Colour


Using light and shade to depict depth and density, Jungle’s softer brush strokes recall the delicacy of nature and the life sheltered within its trees. A wild addition to the home, you can almost hear the soothing chatter of its animals, calling and playing with each other through the trees.


Currently available in two colourways - Colour and Grey - our new Wallpaper depicts the jungle across both the night and the day.

Sian Zeng Jungle Wallpaper Grey


Like our other storytelling wallpapers, alternating colours empower you with a design you can interpret uniquely to your space and tastes. We think Jungle would be perfect for children's rooms or somewhere you want to add a little more life to your home. 

Sian Zeng Jungle Wallpaper Colour


We are excited to be collaborating with the incredibly talented Aude Crepin on this collection, who has previously created work for Swarovski and Neith Nyer. Designed together and painted by her, French-born Aude has been creating for as long as she can remember. 


A graduate of Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, Aude has also studied Japanese language and culture, citing Japanese literature as a huge inspiration for her work. Like Sian, she loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures, and her skills in painting, embroidery and sculpture have shaped her current work as an assistant set designer for Naïf Style in Montreal.

Sian Zeng Jungle Wallpaper Grey


Authentically reproduced onto a luxurious, non-woven material, our Jungle Wallpaper is also available as a Magnetic Wallpaper. Together with our magical cast of magnetic creatures and objects, this new collection reawakens the senses. Immerse yourself amongst trees rich in stories and animals brimming with life.


To download images of our new Jungle Wallpaper Collection, click here. To browse our wide range of beautiful, storytelling wallpapers, click here.


Photos by Veerle Evens and Styling by Charlotte Love

For Jungle in Colour: Quilted blankets, Cushions & Bedsheets from Camomile London, Tiger from Oyoy Living Design.

For Jungle in Grey: Stripy Storage Basket from Oyoy Living Design, Pink wooden camera from Craffox Kids.

Many thanks to our models Alexander Lau and Penelope Paz Kyle.


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