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Mari Vanna

Mari Vanna
My friend, Irina took me to a Russian restaurant Mari Vanna on Knightsbridge to celebrate my birthday. She said on the phone that the place reminded her of me, so I was extremely curious to see it for myself. She was right.  I absolutely loved the decor and the food was amazing too. The whole restaurant to its smallest detail felt like it came out of a Russian folk tale. "Once upon a time in St. Petersburg, a mythical woman named Mari Vanna welcomed diners into her home with open arms, feeding them traditional Russian fare on her finest china and linens. All were welcome and those who frequented were graced with a key of their own to return whenever they wished to this cozy retreat. Mari Vanna is a restaurant for any time, where one can meet friends, eat at leisure and feel at home." From Mari Vanna's website  
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