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Sian Zeng 2012 Collection *Magic and Fun*

Sian Zeng 2012 Collection *Magic and Fun*

Our 2012 interiors collection is all about evoking a sense of magic and fun within kids and kidadults alike. Keeping this concept in our minds we created a magnetic woodlands wallpaper that allows users to create their own stories on the wall by moving a cast of magnetic characters and buildings on the wallpaper and write on the speech bubbles. We will bring our previous and current collection to Pulse London this June. Please visit our stand in Pulse Launchpad area at LP43.

Photography: Richard Clatworthy Stylist: Margarita Lorenzo Model: Alyna Loe Lau Hand Model: Rita Parniczky

Our magnetic woodlands wallpaper prototype has attracted numerous international press accolade last year such as The Sunday Times and Elle Decoration. This year we are extremely happy to be able to bring the finished product to the market and are proud to have dressed Hilary Duff’s new nursery with our magnetic woodlands wallpaper.If you love the wallpaper pattern of our Magnetic woodlands wallpaper, it is also available to purchase as normal wallpaper in 10m rolls with 52cm width. This magical woodlands wallpaper in toile style was printed in England with eco friendly inks on paper from sustainable forests.

Also in this year collection...

Gigantic stuffed scissors

Our screen printed stuffed gigantic scissors are one of the most surreal pieces in our collection. Instead of being sharp and hard they are soft and huggable. Ideal as cushions or pin cushions. They come in two sizes Large Size 55cm x 40cm and Medium Size 47cm x 28cm. Designed and screen printed in the UK Flying pig wall hanging Let a pig loose on your wall and they may just grow wings and start to fly? Having a flying pig on your wall will definitely bring about smiles. It is made out of 1cm thick foamx material and cut  to shape with the latest  digital cutting technology. Designed and made in the UK.

Dry erase thought bubble

With an unexpected twist on the traditional dry erase boards, our thought bubble dry erase boards will appeal to anybody wishing to express their daily thoughts in a fun and stylish way. The thought bubbles are cut individually using the latest digital cutting technology and the colour of the thought bubble outline can be tailored to the colour of your choice. Designed and made in the UK.
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