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Children's Bedrooms

Children's Bedrooms
A child’s bedroom can sometimes be stereotyped as being an unorganised space crammed with toys and tasteless decoration. But at Sian Zeng we think your children’s bedroom should offer creativity, fantasy and imagination, whilst also being chic and timeless. There are many ways you can liven up your child’s room without it being cliché and over the top - what your little one loves today might not be so in favour in a year’s time. First things first, I’d advise anyone to step away from falling into the traditional ‘everything pink for a girl’ and ‘everything blue for a boy’ - this does not have to be the case. You can still create a child’s idealistic bedroom using subtle colours, enchanting patterns and beautiful furnishings. Our bedlinen photoshoots are a great example of adding that special touch to a room using magical furnishings to create that fantasy feel. sianzengbedding Sian Zeng - Woodlands Bed Linen in Brown Pink Of course, when designing your child’s room, age is important in order for it to be the appropriate, perfect, safe haven. Here are a couple of my favourite examples of girl’s and boy’s rooms that are age-appropriate and a perfect compromise for you and your little one. colourfulroom This bedroom, designed by Amie Corley and spotted on The Inspired Room, uses a colour palette great for all ages; vibrant and energetic, yet stylish and elegant. Sticking to a few bright statement colours (around 4-5 is perfect) and working with them in a more sophisticated application could last your child many years.. no constant redecorating means a happy bank balance! maproom House to Home Using neutral tones with black features works well for a boy’s room; mixing it with neutral shades offers a sophisticated finish, while blackboard paint will earn you instant cool points. pretty House to Home Patterned wallpaper can create a lovely feature wall with nude colours and just a touch of pink. Combine with some pretty vintage ruffles and you have the perfect little girl’s room! treehousefurniture Oliver Hayden creates whimsical furniture that would be the perfect haven for your little one to explore! wanderlustroom Piraan A room for the artsy child: this bedroom reminds me of French boutique meets kid’s room! brownandwhite Boligiv design via The Style Files Chocolate brown and white are a great combination for your mature little man. Combine with quirky decoration and the room will still be just as fun as if it was packed with endless amounts of colour. flowers Sukha via SF Girl by Bay Lovely neutrals in lots of white space is on-trend for the ultimate chic room. The floral decoration and writing on the wall are a great way to add a whimsical touch to any bedroom - achieve a similar effect with a slim floating shelf and a row of small jam jar vases. Mokkasin blog Mix-and-match prints are officially in fashion. Using this decorating tip will add an extra dimension to simple decor, and it’s super easy to update as your child grows. Shop our charming collection of wallpapers, home accessories and bedlinen to create the perfect children’s bedroom.
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