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Bespoke Wallpaper Services

Bespoke Wallpaper Services

Our bespoke wallpaper services are designed to help turn your vision into reality, ensuring you walk away with the perfect, custom wallpaper you were envisioning. 


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Here’s a glimpse into the custom options we offer:


1. Visualization:

Before and after of trees mural wallpaper


Before you commit, visualize! Our team can create mockups of your space with your chosen wallpaper design. Simply send us a photo of your room and we will do the rest! 


2. Size & Scale Adjustments

Flowers hanging mural in different custom sizes


Whether it's a stretch or a shrink, we tailor the scale of our designs to suit your space. Dreaming of our Hua Trees reaching new heights? Consider it done. 

While we can scale down any design, enlarging them has its limits due to their original hand-painted size. We take great care to ensure that our wallpapers are never enlarged to the point where pixelation could affect the print quality.


3. Colour Changes

Wallpaper in different colourways


Colour is key, and we want you to get it right. Want to match your wallpaper with a specific paint? We'll customize the hue of your chosen design to harmonize beautifully with your existing color scheme.


4. Substrate Options

Grasscloth wallpaper bespoke design custom


Interested in how your design looks on different substrates? You now have the opportunity to order samples and experience it firsthand. We are able to offer options to print on a variety of different substrates, including grasscloth and silk materials.  


5. Design Adjustments:

Every detail matters. We’re here to tweak and adjust our designs to your exact specifications. Whether it’s adding elements or simplifying the design, our team works closely with you to realize your vision. The scope of your edits will guide the pricing.


6. Custom-Made Designs

Custom wallpaper moodboard Sian Zeng


Your ideas deserve to be brought to life. Share your mood board and thoughts with us, and we will craft a bespoke wallpaper design that's as unique as you are. 

Contact us today to begin working on your very own bespoke wallpaper!


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