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Pink Wallpapers: Trendy with Interior Lovers

Pink Wallpapers: Trendy with Interior Lovers

Pink is one of those colours that keeps coming back. Just a scroll through Instagram and you’ll see many trendy interiors using this colour in abundance. On a psychological level, it’s a colour that signifies love, maternal energy and femininity, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘girls only’ shade.

In fact, the more we break down gender stereotypes, the more we are seeing pink being used by all manner of people, brightening and lightening their lives. It’s an uplifting colour, and while it runs the risk of coming off as a bit garish sometimes, when the balance is right, pink can have a truly transformative effect.

With this in mind, pink is a wonderful colour to use in the home. We’ve long worked with pink in our wallpapers, integrating many shades of this colour into our designs. It’s possibly one of the most common colours we use across our collections!

Because it’s so versatile, you can use the different shades of pink in our wallpapers to craft varying spaces, depending on the kind of atmosphere you are going for. A more muted pink works well for calm, bedroom vibes, whereas the brighter and more saturated shades will help you rouse more energy and life.

Whatever you’re going for, we’re certain we’ve got the perfect pink wallpaper for you!

@hannahargyle_home Hua Trees in Pink

Photo: @hannahargyle_home 


Subtle and serene 

Hua Trees in Pink

We’ve seen this wallpaper used a lot in bedrooms to create ultimate tranquil vibes. The varying shades of our tree mural really lends itself to rooms of rest, with a calming treetop scene cropping up and spreading across your wall.

@warm_minimalism Hua Trees in Pink

Photo: @warm_minimalism


You may also want to consider this wallpaper in other areas of the house, such as a bathroom. A pretty pink powder room may not be to everybody’s taste, but if you’re working with a small space, this subtle wallpaper might strike the perfect balance.


Mountains Grey Pink

An equally soft pink interior can be enjoyed with our Mountains Wallpaper. This misty landscape scene depicts pastel pink bears, fish and time-honoured Chinese houses, weaving together a fantastical, oriental vibe for the home. Decorate adults and childrens rooms alike for a subtle pink vibe.

Sian Zeng Mountains Wallpaper Grey Pink



Cute and calm

Clematis in Pink

It’s double pink with our Clematis Mural, as pink petals cascade across an equally pink background. Delicately painted green leaves balance everything out to create an enchanting, nature-filled mural for your home. The dustiness of this colourway makes it the perfect addition to magical corners, whether that’s in a bedroom or living space.

Sian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper in Pink


Woodlands in Brown Pink

If you’re after a more earthy pink, try our Woodlands Wallpaper. This is one of our more playful patterns, featuring cute creatures emerging from the trees. Try this wallpaper in a playroom, boy or girl, and enjoy the whimsical and wonderful feel of the woods.

@sofiaatmokkasin Woodlands in Brown Pink

Photo: @sofiaatmokkasin


Fun and fantastical

Fish in Pink

For something even more playful, check out our latest collection, Fish. Featuring a bustling array of fish and snorkelers off on their adventures under the sea, this is probably the most unique way of bringing a splash of pink into your home, without overwhelming your space. Enjoy little snippets of this colour amongst the water and aquatic animals, all reproduced from original hand painted artwork.

Sian Zeng Fish Wallpaper in Pink


Dino in Pink Green

And finally we have one of our most popular designs for kids rooms, our Dino Wallpaper! We have seen this pattern used generously for boys and girls alike, proving incredibly versatile amongst all sorts of spaces. A slightly orangey hue of pink defines this quirky print, perfect for nurseries, teen rooms and living spaces with a fun feel.

@moonchild.atelier Dino Wallpaper in Pink Green

Photo: @moonchild.atelier


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