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Living With Plants

Living With Plants
There will come a time when your home may need a bit of a refreshment, and however tempting it may be to do a big overhaul and re-decoration, sometimes all you need is to add a couple of small touches to liven up your home. We feel that plants are the perfect solution. All you need is a splash of inspiration and you will be well on your way. Bathroom Plants We came across this quaint bathroom on the Modern Diary Blog which has been transformed into a bright jungle of beautiful green succulents, with plants hanging and sprouting from every surface. This might be a bit overwhelming for some, however having just one or two plants in a bathroom can add a lovely air of freshness. Living room plants This beautiful living room, designed by Marina Linhares was featured on the homify website in the section ‘living room ideas’. We love how the outdoors has really been considered and incorporated into this space, making fantastic use of the glass panel georgian style windows. Kitchen Plants We simply love this image at Sian Zeng, a discovery made over at The Jungalow Blog. The mixture of sea green tiles, wooden shelves and pops of bright green foliage creeping over the edges make for a homely and clean setting. If you decide to grow herbs in your kitchen, it will not only look and smell beautiful, but you will have the added culinary benefits as well. Hallway plants The interesting placement of the different plants, with sizes ranging from big leafy succulents to baby cacti, makes for a lovely, fresh hallway, that is a bit different from all the rest! We came across this stunning photo taken by Julia Robbs through Refinery 29’s blog post ‘How To Decorate Like A Design Pro’. Workspace Plants And finally the workspace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result. So get potting your office plants for a productive and positive atmosphere. If you’re ever worried about plant care, Cacti and succulents are your perfect plant match, as they are very low maintenance but still beautiful and bright. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page where we have pinned a wide variety of inspirational images and ideas.
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