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Floral Fun: How Floral Trends Have Influenced Our Wallpaper Designs

Floral Fun: How Floral Trends Have Influenced Our Wallpaper Designs

‘Floribunda’ is the term to describe an abundance of flowers and with summer finally here, we’re seeing many a flower in bloom. Often associated with flowery curtains, florals have acquired quite a tricky reputation for themselves in the interior world.


But when done right, they can transform the home into a haven of creativity, colour and fun. And since apartments with little-to-no garden defines home for lots of city dwellers, florals are fast becoming a popular way to bring a touch of nature to interior worlds.

Sian Zeng Clematis Mural in Pink


So this month on the blog, we want to discuss the floral trend, shed light on its colourful history and share how its evolving use in interior design has inspired a number of Sian’s wallpaper designs. If you’re at all hesitant to incorporate petals into your space, hopefully this post will provide an insight into how florals can transform your home this summer and beyond. 

Florals first made their way into the home in the 1950’s, all elegant and romantic as they appeared on curtains and sofas. Inspired by an early American style, patterns echoed the delicate flowers you’d find in the garden of a quaint cottage, all whimsical, pretty and soft for the home. 

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that florals properly forayed onto walls. In correlation to the rise of ‘flower power’ in popular culture at the time, a more expressive approach to interiors broke florals free from their romantic associations, with brighter colourings and bolder shapes cropping up.

1960's floral wallpaper from Pinterest

70's floral wallpaper from Pinterest


The 1970’s saw florals really find their groove, spreading across walls and furniture with statement hues such as mustards, browns and burnt oranges. Reflecting the Pop Art movement of the time, flowers shed their softness and were expressed through more stylised shapes, repeat patterns and a real desire to make the home as vibrant as possible.  

Femininity came to the fore of the trend at the turn of the next decade. The 1980’s were a time for the traditional, twee countryside look (think Laura Ashley) as florals moved away from abstraction and back to the more detailed and intricate patterns they’d first embodied. 

In the 1990’s, the patterned prowess of florals were often replaced by the real thing, or at least an artificial bouquet neatly arranged in a statement vase. 

At the turn of the century, homes continued to incorporate florals into their space, but it wasn’t until recently that they were treated to a truly considered revival. Striking a balance between dreaminess and the very real flowers outside in the natural world, we love seeing the lift they bring to the home. 

Sian Zeng Summer Tropical Bloom Wallpaper

Sian Zeng Spring Wild Rain Wallpaper


In terms of our wallpaper, both our Summer Tropical Bloom and Spring Wild Rain Wallpapers take inspiration from the many facets of the floral trend.

Capturing the ethereal beauty of petals and leaves, both patterns reflect the calming effects of having flowers in the home, as well as the many forms florals can take; Spring’s transitional state is enhanced through the effects of dripped paint, whereas our Summer pattern really establishes the blossoming blooms that define this vibrant season. 

Sian Zeng Summer Tropical Bloom Wallpaper

Sian Zeng Spring Wild Rain Wallpaper


Both intricately detailed and whimsical, these wallpapers bring a very realistic touch of nature to the home, working well as feature walls in bedrooms, living spaces and botanical-themed bathrooms.

We recommend pairing these designs alongside neutral palettes such as whites, creams and greys so they don’t overwhelm your home, but don’t be afraid to get creative with pinks and blues in nearby furniture and fabrics. 
Sian Zeng Clematis Mural

Sian Zeng Clematis Mural


Our most recent collection, the Clematis, is our dreamiest design to date and a more gentle introduction to the floral trend. Inspired by romance, fairytales and the escapism of nature, this mural consists of the clematis flower climbing down from the top of the design, a canopy of petals that leaves lots of solid colour at the bottom for furniture or a chair rail if you wish.

We think the use of natural materials and organic curves accentuates the softness and grace of this collection and it’s a floral design that works wonderfully in bedrooms and living spaces. 
Sian Zeng Dino Wallpaper

Sian Zeng Dino Wallpaper


If in doubt, try adding real life houseplants and flowers to your space. They not only accentuate the florals in our designs but they brighten and lift the home, as well as giving you something to care for in your beautiful, botanical abode. We love the way real flowers complement the shades of pink and green in our Dino Collection.

Overall, florals have proven to be a really fun and natural addition to our designs, providing homes with a touch of nature and the opportunity for stylists and homeowners alike to get really creative with space. 

Despite never being rushed by trends, florals have the same timeless charm that defines Sian Zeng wallpapers.


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Sian Zeng Floral Wallpaper  

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