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How to Style our Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue

How to Style our Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue

Our Woodlands Wallpaper is an enchanting dive into the magic of the forest. As fairytale creatures emerge from the depths of the trees, this surreal and imaginative design captures the beauty in nature and the storytelling potential of the home. Today on the blog, we want to share with you the most inspiring ways our Woodlands Wallpaper has been styled by our talented customers.


Marking our launch back in 2010, Woodlands was our first ever wallpaper collection and has remained popular to this day. From its initial purchase by Hilary Duff which enabled us to put our designs into production, to now being featured in homes across the world, we have loved seeing how our Woodlands Wallpaper has been interpreted by some wonderful homemakers.

A popular wallpaper for children’s bedrooms, our Woodlands Collection is a great design for people looking to create a sense of comfort, warmth and adventure in their space. Although this collection is also available in Brown Pink, today we are going to focus on how our Khaki Blue colourway has been styled and made part of some truly beautiful homes.  

Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper Khaki Blue @what_eva_lovesImage by @what_eva_loves


Firstly, we want to share with you this gorgeous children’s room from @what_eva_loves. A playspace and bedroom for her son and daughter, we love the way Eva has weaved the playful nature of our Woodlands Wallpaper design into this space.

Eva has struck the perfect balance between neutral tones and pops of colour, ensuring the natural busyness of a children’s playroom doesn’t overwhelm. Many of her children’s toys are made from natural materials, such as wood, and any colours she has included are warm; oranges, browns and yellows are all tones you would find in a forest, adding to the ‘woodlandy’ feel of the room.

Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue @what_eva_loves

Image by @what_eva_loves


Our Khaki Blue colourway is a great choice if you have lots to fill your space; the colours are bold enough to shine through, so don’t be afraid to cover areas of the wall up with light-coloured furniture, toys or hanging pieces such as pictures and bunting.

See how Eva has also paired the wallpaper alongside a blue wall, pulling from our Khaki Blue colourway a matching tone of blue. If you are planning on using our Woodlands Wallpaper as a feature wall in this way, we recommend studying the tones present in our pattern (order a sample of our wallpaper here).

Then choose a colour for the adjacent walls that is the same or complementary. Dark greens and blues would be a definite hit, but lighter versions of these hues might also work.

Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue @what_eva_loves

Image by @what_eva_loves


Little Oliver’s bedroom from @samanthajonesathome is the perfect example of complementary colouring. We adore her use of mustard blankets and cushions alongside varying tones of grey to create a sense of comfort and depth. The wicker basket is a warming addition and, like Eva, Samantha hasn’t shied away from covering up her wallpaper, cleverly choosing dark wooden pegs and a wooden chair to evoke the trunks of real trees. 

Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki @samanthajonesathome

Image by @samanthajonesathome


Next up is this lovely room from Charlotte at @projectwaltonroad. A nursery for her son, Tobias, this space was created after Charlotte decided to extend and renovate her home. Cots and beds can sometimes be overbearing in a space, especially when you place them against a wallpapered wall. However, Charlotte has skillfully chosen a wonderfully simple frame made from wood, delivering the sense of calm you want in a nursery and bedspace.

The light in her images also suggests Charlotte has decided to wallpaper the wall overlooked by a window. Natural light really illuminates the tonal diversity of our Khaki Woodlands Wallpaper, perfect if you’re working with a small space. 

Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue @projectwaltonroad

Image by @projectwaltonroad

Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue @projectwaltonroad

Image by @projectwaltonroad


And finally, why not take a leaf out of Melinda, aka @rinconroad’s, book and purchase the magnetic version of our Woodlands Wallpaper? We love the dreaminess of this attic room and the way our wallpaper feeds into a larger fairytale scene. The clouds on the ceiling and our Flying Pig Fabric Sticker enhance the sense of adventure in this room and we love the addition of the hanging cocoon chair and the dark wooden features. Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper in Khaki Blue @rinconroad

Image by @rinconroad

If you are thinking about purchasing the magnetic version of our Woodlands Wallpaper, then our cast of magnetic woodland creatures and speech bubbles pair perfectly. As @rinconroad demonstrates above, the unique, interactive element of our magnetic wallpaper elevates the magic in our design and gives you some freedom to style your space differently further down the line.


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