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How To Customise Our Wallpaper Murals To Fit Your Wall

How To Customise Our Wallpaper Murals To Fit Your Wall

Our wallpaper murals are some of our most popular designs to date. From the tranquility of the Hua Trees to the mesmerising beauty of our most recent collection, The Clematis, our murals have captured the imagination of our lovely customers all over the world.


But when it comes to the logistics of having a Sian Zeng Wallpaper Mural in your home, many of our customers are unsure about how our murals are repeated and whether their chosen mural is going to fit to their walls. The answer is yes, but what’s the best repeat sequence to get? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer today.


Each mural has 3 panels which repeat sideways


For our Hua Trees Wallpaper, the key is to visualise where you want our tallest tree to be and work backwards from there.

As you can see from our repeat diagram, panel B has the tallest tree. If you measure the distance from the end of the wall to where you want panel B to start, you can work backwards from this point.

All the panels have a width of 70cm, so if you want the tallest tree to begin 140cm from the edge of your wall, then you know that you will need another two panels to the left of panel B. In this case you will need panel C and A, because the repeat pattern consists of ABC ABC. As you can see to the left of B there is C and A.

Hopefully the diagrams below will make this clearer.Hua Trees Wallpaper Mural Panels

Hua Trees Wallpaper Mural PanelsHua Trees Wallpaper Mural Panels

Similarly for our Clematis Wallpaper, we recommend looking for the lowest hanging point of the clematis plant and again, working backwards from there.

Like the Hua Trees Mural, this would be panel B, so the same concept above applies here.Sian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper Mural

Sian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper MuralSian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper MuralWhat do I do when I have my wallpaper panels?


Before you start putting your mural up, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to cover your desired wall space.

We suggest laying out your panels on the floor in the same way they’d be arranged on the wall to ensure you have enough paper, just like Janete Kang did when putting up our Hua Trees Mural in her nursery.

Hua Trees Mural by @janetekang

 Janete Kang's finished nursery room featuring Hua Trees Mural in Grey


How about adjusting the mural to fit the height of my wall?


Trimming your wallpaper might sound scary, but it’s actually really simple as long as you get the dimensions right.

Here’s an example. Our Hua Trees Mural has about 1.3m of white space above the trees, the tallest tree reaches to about 1.9m and the total height of the panels is 3.2m. So if your wall is 2.3m tall, you would trim 0.6m of white space to be left with 0.3m of white space above the trees.

Sian Zeng Hua Trees Wallpaper Mural


If your wall is very short, say 1.9m in height, you might consider trimming the wallpaper at the bottom to leave some white space above the trees; this way the trees will not be cropped off.

In certain cases you might want to remove the bottom part entirely like Valeria Lazareva demonstrated with this beautiful image from her Instagram feed @warm_minimalism.

Hua Trees Wallpaper Mural in Pink by @warm_minimalism


Adjusting the height of our Clematis Mural is just as easy.

The longest strand on the Clematis pattern stretches out to 1.73m from the top and the solid coloured area underneath the pattern is 1.47m. The total height of the panels is, like our Hua Trees Mural, 3.2m. In most cases, we recommend trimming the bottom of the paper where there is lots of solid colour to play with.

Sian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper Mural


If you want to create a more minimal look with the Clematis, then it’s also really easy to remove some of the design from the top to make way for more solid colour at the bottom. Unlike our other designs, the clematis pattern climbs downwards and works really well if you want to add a chair rail to your wall or create a more definitive background for your furniture.

Sian Zeng Clematis Wallpaper Mural in White


But what if my walls are higher than 3.2m?

If your wall does not contain a skirting board, then you may consider putting one in place. This will allow the start point of your wallpaper panels to be raised and give you enough wallpaper length to reach the top of your walls.

Alternatively, you can paint the walls the same shade of white as your chosen wallpaper. The top of our wallpaper panels are white or off-white in colour, which may not be particularly noticeable if the walls are the same shade. Furthermore, some of our customers have a dividing architectural feature on their wall. If this applies to you, you can wallpaper up until the start of this feature, as demonstrated below in Hong Henwood's image. 

Hua Trees in Pink by @honghenwoodstylist


We hope this has helped you work out which panels you need for your walls and how you can make our Mural Wallpapers work for your home, but if you prefer to give us a call then we are more than happy to help you with your decision. Our number is 020 86917770, so feel free to ring up if you still have any questions.



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How To Customise Our Wallpaper Murals To Fit Your Wall


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