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Caravan Style

Caravan Style
I have admired this Shoreditch based shop called Caravan for many years. It is a shop that understands how to mix modern with vintage, creating an entirely new aesthetic. However when you see the shop you will understand the style immediately and every piece will just feel like they belonged there. What impressed me the most is their website It is like jumping into an interactive sketchbook with every button and every page beautifully illustrated.
c a r a v a n
3 Redchurch street
London E2 7DJ
tel: +44 (0) 20 7033 3532
The Shop is open Tuesday -Friday 11 am - 6.30 pm,
Saturday&Sunday 12- 6pm, Monday by appointment.

Photo: Debi Treloar

Photo:Debi Treloar

Photo: Debi Treloar

Photo: Debi Treloar

Photo: Hilary Walker


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