Decorators Varnish


Clear nano acrylic coating

ideal to protect your wallpaper

against water, stains, algae, mildew and fungi

Fade resistant

Durable and easy to apply

Quick drying time

suitable for bathrooms & children’s rooms

Want to make sure your Sian Zeng wallpaper stays protected? Decorators Varnish offers a unique clear nano acrylic coating specially formulated to protect a wide range of surfaces, including our wallpapers.

Dead Flat (Matt Finish)
As the name suggests, the dead flat decorators varnish will preserve the matt look of your wallpaper the most while still providing a good layer protection. You can use it to protect your wallpaper used in bathrooms except for areas in direct contact with water or a bathroom that is highly humid
Download Dead Flat Application Guide pdf
How Many Litres Will I Need?
One litre covers approximately 15-20 square metres of space
Per roll of our wallpaper: we recommend 3 coats, approximately 1 L per roll of wallpaper.
Download Decorator’s Varnish Safety Guide.pdf

Cure time: 5-7 days to fully cure/harden. Do not scrub or touch the surface of the wallpaper until the varnish is fully hardened.
Washable/Lightly Scrubbable: clean your varnished wallpaper using a soapy sponge and a light scrub. Do not soak the wall.
Lifetime: Re-apply the varnish after 3-5 years.

Delivery Information

UK delivery time: 2-3 working days

Overseas delivery: Our Varnishes are sent with a courier company and shipping prices will be calculated per order. You will be able to see the shipping price at checkout before you complete your purchase.

Delivery to Europe: 3-5 working days. The rest of the world: 4-7 working days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tania Heyes
Fast delivery

Decorator's varnish arrived quickly and well packed. Unfortunately I was seeking a matte varnish to put on top of wallpaper that was too shiny. Even after 2 coats the wallpaper was still shiny.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and I'm sorry you found it too shiny! I'll let the manufacturers know about your obsevervations. We've used this product on our wallpapers and it worked really well. The varnish is absorbed by the wallpaper and we can hardly detect the varnish on it. Perhaps the varnish doesn't work the same way on all wallpapers. We normally recommend our customers using the varnish on wallpapers purchased not from our company to test the varnish on a small piece of wallpaper before applying it across the entire wall.

Very quick service

I've bought this varnish after putting up beautiful wallpaper a few months ago. The hallway had a vinyl paper originally and now it's ordinary wallpaper. As soon as the cold nights started, I noticed condensation marks forming on the new paper just above the front door. Gutted doesn't start to describe it! I cleaned as much as I could and then coated the paper with this varnish. To be honest I've decided in the spring to take the paper off and redo it but I will immediately apply this varnish in the hope I get no more condensation problems. I can say this varnish leaves no residue whatsoever and is completely invisible. I just wish I had know about a) the condensation issue and b) known about this varnish!

Thank you Sian Zeng for being available via a Google search.

Maria E. Munoz
Great service

Efficient and fast international shipping.

Russell Blackney

Qualit product and fast shipping