Magnetic Jungle


Magnet Receptive Jungle Wallpaper in Grey

Total area covered by one roll : w 210cm x h 3.2M

Roll composition: a b c panels of w 70cm x h 3.2M

Comes with 3 complimentary magnets

white lining paper and magnet receptive liner


Paste: optional (high-quality ready-mixed tub paste)

This wallpaper comes with a unique magnetic liner that transforms your Mural into an interactive work of art. Hide a mini house amongst the branches or let flying pigs catch forty winks at the end of another magical day.

Our Jungle Wallpaper is authentically reproduced onto a luxurious, non-woven material. As a result, the tonal qualities on this wallpaper are almost indistinguishable from hand painted wallpapers.
Available also as classic Wallpaper
Which panel(s) should I get? What if I need less than an additional full roll? How can I best imagine this style in my space? What if my wall is taller than 320cm? All of these questions and more are explored in detail on our blog. Click here.
All of our sample wallpapers come with a 10% discount code that can be redeemed on your next order. Samples can be purchased from the wallpaper section of the website.

Our unique magnetic wallpaper is created in 4 stages.
ONE - paste the magnet receptive liner to the wall
TWO - paste the white lining paper to the wall
THREE - paste the patterned wallpaper to the wall
Please leave sufficient drying time between each stage.
FOUR - Varnish to protect your magnetic wallpaper.
Due to the interactive nature of our magnetic wallpapers, in order to prevent marks, stains and finger marks on your wallpaper, it is essential to seal it with the varnish provided.
When you purchase your magnetic wallpaper, we will ensure there is enough Dead Flat + Satin varnish to cover the number of rolls you have bought from us.
Unfortunately, we are unable to ship wallpaper adhesive to countries outside of the UK. We use the brand Solvite, but we recommend any good quality, ready made wallpaper adhesive/glue that you can buy in hardware stores. If you are outside of the EU, please choose the option 'without paste'.
Material: Non-woven material and magnet receptive liner
Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

Delivery Information

UK delivery: Free for this item Time: 2-3 working days

Overseas delivery: Our wallpapers are sent with a courier company and shipping prices will be calculated per order. You will be able to see the shipping price at checkout before you make your purchase.

Delivery to Europe is 3-5 working days, and to the rest of the world is 4-7 working days.

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