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Mountains Collection

Mountains Collection

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of the Sian Zeng Mountains Collection. Our new Mountains collection connects Chinese painting and European illustration styles to create a spectacular landscape of misty mountains and time-honoured Chinese houses, home to bears looking for their next adventure.

Sian Zeng Mountains Blue Peach Wallpaper Girl in a boat


Available as a classic wallpaper in tones of grey and pink or dusky blue and peach, the Mountains pattern is also available as a magnetic wallpaper. A signature feature of our storytelling wallpapers, the magnetic versions are backed with a magnetic liner, offering a beautiful backdrop on which you can act out your own stories with a cast of illustrated character magnets.

Sian Zeng Magnetic Mountains Wallpaper Blue Peach girl playing with the magnets

Magnetic Mountains Wallpaper £253- £265 /10m roll

Weaving a story through classic and contemporary detailing, this is the tale of a brave young bear helping a semi-star to find its missing half. The brave bear must venture through mist-covered mountains, sail across wide oceans and sneak past cascades of watchful birds on the adventure of a lifetime. Will the brave young bear ever find the other half of the star? Discover the new Mountains Collection.

Sian Zeng Mountains Grey Pink Wallpaper

Classic Mountains Wallpaper - Grey Pink £69/10m roll

Mountains Wallpaper Blue Peach close up

Mountains Wallpaper in Blue Peach - perfect for a child's bedroom.

Photography: Jon Day Styling: Charlotte Love Girl model: Anya Soanes

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