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Magnetic Dino Wallpaper

Magnetic Dino Wallpaper

Sian Zeng’s new 2014 spring/summer collection introduces a wonderful journey to a tropical land of mischievous Dinos with our new magnetic wallpaper. A combination of deserts, cactuses and dinosaurs is sure to evoke a feeling of a fantastical journey as you create your own adventure with our magnetic wallpaper and our cast of dino and flycopter magnets. Journey into the wilderness on a helicopter with insect-like wings and dive into the alien world of ancient creatures. Our wallpapers come in several colour combinations and are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic variants.

Create a pond life in front of our Dino Wallpaper Yellow Green.

Dino wallpaper Green Little dino collectors will love this terrarium idea. Sian Zeng Yellow Green Detail Play with magnets on our Magnetic Dino Wallpapered wall.

Sian Zeng Yellow Green Dino boy magnet play2

Sian Zeng Yellow Green Dino Boy in jungle

Sian Zeng Yellow Green Dino Magnet close up

Create a little corner for your floral inspirations.

Sian Zeng Pink Green Dino

Sian Zeng Pink Green Detail

Sian Zeng Pink Green Dino Boys play

Mix sophistication with quirky print pattern. Dinos are not only for children.

Sian Zeng Grey Dino

Sian Zeng Grey dino magnet close up

Sian Zeng Grey Dino Detail

Photography: Jon Day  Styling: Charlotte Love

Older boy model: Hugo Scarratt-Cabrera Younger boy model: Nestor Scarratt-Cabrera

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