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Home Libraries - Inspiration for your home

Home Libraries - Inspiration for your home
We love reading. We love books. There's a small chance that our homes might have books everywhere; on the floor, on the windowsill; on top of the microwave; even occasionally turning up under a pillow. We have bookshelves, but they're not enough, and we know we're not making the best use of the space we have. Here are our favourite home libraries that really make use of the interior space, and look great too: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="486"] This is an absolutely genius way to store books in a small space- helps if the ceiling is low, though!   book chair A book chair! Great for lazy days. staircase bookshelves Staircase bookshelves are a clever way to use odd-shaped space and get more books in there. diagonal bookshelves Diagonal Bookshelves mean you can cram more books in! bookshelves library This home library is literally packed to the rafters with books (ladder might be necesary!) And because we just can't resist; some bookshelves that just look really cool. bookshelf flower bubble bookshelf dripping bookshelf
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