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Festival of Colours

Festival of Colours
With Easter coming up, we've been thinking about alternatives to bunnies and chickens, looking to other countries for inspiration. While, obviously, the Hindu faith doesn't celebrate Easter, the Holi festival happens to fall at a similar time, ushering in the arrival of Spring. It is celebrated by participants lighting bonfires and smearing and throwing coloured powders and scented water at each other.  Ideas about caste are relaxed, as everybody participates. The result is a riot of colours and laughter: Image via This year Holi was March 8th, so we're a little late, but in the spirit of things, we've been playing around with colours. Chocolate eggs seem a bit dull now, right? Our PR girl has been busy on pinterest creating a Holi moodboard full of all things colourful, including these amazing painted elephants: painted elephant Check out some of our prints to bring more colour into your life!:

Drapery Girl

Flower Garden

Little Red and the Wolf

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