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DECOREX: See You Next Year!

DECOREX: See You Next Year!
We had a fantastic time at Decorex this year where we debuted our Hua Trees collection. It was lovely to meet some of our customers face to face, and if you managed to make it along, we hope you enjoyed the show! Here are a couple of pictures from our stand...  20160918_100410 20160918_095622_hdr 20160918_100620 20160918_095740_hdr 20160918_100710 20160918_102117_hdr 20160918_105714_hdr 20160918_111702_hdr 20160918_134407 20160918_095654_hdr 20160919_112529_hdr 20160918_095800_hdr 20160919_152722_hdr 20160918_100340 20160921_095942_hdr Like this post? Head over to our Pinterest page or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out more about whats going on at Sian Zeng…
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