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Bloomon – The Fresh Flower Delivery Service

Bloomon – The Fresh Flower Delivery Service
We recently came across a fantastic company called ‘Bloomon’; a flower subscription service, delivering fresh, seasonal flowers to your door, at your convenience. At the Sian Zeng studio, we adore having bright, beautifully arranged bouquets surrounding us while we work, especially as Sian's creations are heavily influenced by nature. So how does it work? Well, all you have to do is first choose the size of your bouquet, choose how often you would like the bouquet delivered, and then wait for them to arrive! The flowers come directly from the growers, and are picked in tune with the seasons, so you won't know what you are going to get until it arrives.  ‘Bloomon was founded by three rebels on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world.’ Now with offices in Amsterdam, London, and Berlin, the Bloomon team are ready to take on the world, one bouquet at a time. We can't wait to get our order in! bloomons 3 bloomon 4 Like this post? Head over to our Pinterest page or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see more inspiring pictures and stories... Sign up to our newsletter before 31/05/2016 and be in for a chance of winning a £500 Sian Zeng Voucher! sign up to our newsletter here. Sian Zeng 500 newsletter competition summer
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