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Have The Best Summer Yet

Have The Best Summer Yet

After many changes with the weather in the UK over the past month, I can finally say it feels like summer! The sun is shining, people are sunbathing on the nearest patches of grass they can find, and the aromatic smells of the barbecue are making their way through my window as I write. After deliberating over what to write for a blog post, it was almost compulsory to write a list on how to have the very best summer. HOST A SUMMER BBQ Summer SpreadWhether you have a big garden or just an open window to let the sun stream in, why not host a summer gathering for you, your friends and family. For a mouth-watering summer barbeque, I’m dying to try some of Jamie Oliver’s barbecue recipes served with an array of fresh salads. And of course, a summer party is not complete without cocktails (and mocktails) to accompany the delish food. Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley, fashion’s favourite foodies, shared the recipe for this intriguing kombucha fizz mocktail which they made for Vogue to celebrate the launch of their book, The Art of Eating Well. As well as food and drink, a fun selection of games will get everyone in the festive mood; whether it’s Twister, Scrabble, charades or a round of rounders, you're never too old for games at a party! As the night draws in, get the candles out, reach for your favourite Sian Zeng Cushion, pile up the blankets and listen to music under the stars. Cushion

EXPLORE ExploreSummer is the perfect time to get outside; grab your sun cream, some comfortable shoes and explore your surroundings! Whether you’re going on holiday or enjoying a well-deserved staycation, try something out of the ordinary, ignore the guidebooks and you might just stumble upon a hidden gem. VISIT THE MARKETS With the beautiful weather outside, it is the perfect opportunity to visit a market. Flea Markets are great for food, vintage fashion, furniture and gifts, so take this opportunity to grab some flea market treasures; Abigail Ahern has shared some great tips for Flea Market Shopping. ICE CREAM AND LOLLIES Ice Lollies Deliciously Ella is a blogger who creates incredibly healthy (and mouth-watering) recipes; who said ice cream had to be sinful this summer? Her super simple Creamy Summer Ice Lollies are made from all-natural whole foods, meaning that while they might feel like an indulgence, they’re actually packed with healthy ingredients. LEARN SOMETHING NEW Summer is a great time to learn something new. Here are a few ideas we thought of over at Sian Zeng HQ: 1. Learn a foreign language 2. Take a relaxing yoga class 3. Get active with a round of tennis 4. Explore the countryside on horseback 5. Teach yourself an instrument 6. Knit yourself something for winter 7. Fly a kite (bonus points if you do it at the beach) 8. Take a friend stargazing 9. Write a short story 10. Try out a new recipe

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