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8 Nursery Wallpapers Children Won’t Outgrow for a Decade (or More!)

8 Nursery Wallpapers Children Won’t Outgrow for a Decade (or More!)

Image credit: @raisinglittledarlings 

Redecorating a room can be costly and time consuming, so when it comes to hanging nursery wallpaper - the longer it can stay up, the better. If you’re looking for styles your little ones won’t grow out of for ten years or more, here are some of our favourite ‘ageless’ looks.

Many nursery wallpapers will add a little bit of magic to a baby room. But as we hear too often - they grow up so fast. And just as they outgrow their clothes, shoes and toys, children can outgrow their bedroom wallpaper too. 

At Sian Zeng, we aim to design wallpapers that not only capture the imagination of both children and adults, we want our designs to have longevity too. 

Whenever we design a wallpaper that might be popular for a nursery, we always envisage that it could still be sitting alongside your child in 10 years time. 

On the hunt for nursery wallpaper ideas? Read on to see which of our styles would best suit your needs.


Create a Prehistoric Paradise with Dinosaur Wallpaper

Green vintage style cabinet and dinosaur nursery wallpaper by Sian Zeng

Image credit: Kamila Pelczar


Our curiosity for dinosaurs never grows old and if you’re looking for fun childrens bedroom ideas, Dino Wallpaper is a timeless classic. Authentically reproduced from Sian’s original illustrations, she adds a playful element with dinosaurs that give each other piggy backs, while dragonfly helicopters swirl overhead. Its unique vintage-style drawing style is inspired by the children's books Sian read whilst growing up in Hungary.


Explore The Deep Blue Sea with Fish Wallpaper

Illustrated fish wallpaper in Blue by Sian Zeng


Dive in and meet creatures of the deep with a fun and immersive wallpaper that’s guaranteed to nurture your child’s love of the ocean. Fish is a nursery wallpaper for budding underwater explorers and it comes in a serene Blue or Pink colourway. Swim alongside a mackerel, puffafish or lionfish and spot the deep sea divers in between.


Bring Fairy Tales to Life with Clematis Wallpaper

Little girl admiring pink floral wall mural for childrens bedrooms


Clematis is a versatile floral Mural Wallpaper that can transform all kinds of interiors in an instant. Evoking the walls of castle grounds or a secret garden, where all kinds of magical happenings might occur beyond, choose Clematis to bring nature and fairytale charm to your child’s bedroom.


Experience the Magic of The Forest Indoors with Hua Trees Wall Murals

Little girl’s bedroom with dusty pinks and grey trees wallpaper

 Image credit: Cristina Diaz


Our love for trees is part of our biological makeup as humans, and although our best selling Hua Trees Mural Wallpaper is a failsafe design for virtually any room, it has been chosen for many a nursery (including that of Emily Henderson and Millie Mackintosh). The design is so versatile it’s used for adult bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms too.


Spot the Animals with Woodlands Wallpaper

gender neutral childrens bedroom with woodlands wallpaper

Image credit: @what_eva_loves 


So many children's stories revolve around the mystery of the woods. It’s the place for telling stories around the campfire and conjuring up tales of creatures and spirits that might live among the ancient trees.

Woodlands is a ‘toile de Jouy’ inspired wallpaper, featuring a collection of motifs where only on closer inspection you discover elements of the surreal. It’s the perfect backdrop for bringing your childrens’ stories to life.


Tap into Nature with a Trek through the Jungle

Colourful jungle mural wallpaper for a child’s bedroom


Jungle is a hugely popular wall mural for nurseries and children's bedrooms, particularly for boys and girls that love animals. It allows budding naturalists to come face to face with exotic creatures, piquing their interest in travel to faraway lands.


Choose Clouds Wallpaper for a Minimalist Scandi Nursery

grey clouds wallpaper for minimalist scandi nursery

Image credit: Riikka Kantinkoski

Keep things cool and calm with Classic Seasons Winter Snowdrift wallpaper. This wallpaper features peaceful snow clouds that appeal to any age group and is versatile enough to adorn the walls of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways or nurseries.


Accompany a Bear Through a Dreamy Mountainscape

Chinese inspired nursery wallpaper in muted colours


If you’re looking for a dreamy wallpaper that adds interest to a nursery without overwhelming it, Mountains Wallpaper follows the story of a bear who goes on a quest to find the missing half of a semi-star. Step into a mysterious hand-painted misty mountainscape, inhabited by cranes, where a young bear sails past Chinese buildings and meets a girl flying a giant fish kite.


Top tips for choosing nursery wallpaper

  • If you’re looking for an alternative to dust collecting decor, a decorative wallpaper is the best way to give your nursery some colour and personality. Why not make walls a part of play by introducing reusable stickers?
  • No colour is too taboo to use in a nursery, as long as it’s combined well. Steer away however from large amounts of bright red or yellow - or any colour that might be too stimulating. You want your child’s bedroom to encourage sleep and relaxation. 
  • Use your chosen wallpaper to help you create your overall nursery colour scheme. We've selected a range of paint colours from Little Greene and Farrow and Ball to go with each of our wallpaper designs which you’ll see on each product page.

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