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New Clouds Wallpaper

New Clouds Wallpaper

Inspired by the gentle drift of the skies, this design beautifully illustrated by Sian brings a sense of serenity and wonder to your living space.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil our latest release – the Clouds wallpaperYou might recognize this design as our previous Winter Snowdrift, available in a single Grey colourway representing the cool wintery sky.

The Story of Clouds: A Sky Full of Dreams

Ten years ago, Sian began designing a winter sky pattern which eventually led to the creation of the Seasons wallpaper collection. She meticulously drew dozens of clouds with painstaking detail. See some of her pencil sketches below. 

Clouds drawings by Sian Zeng Clouds Wallpaper Collection work in progress
Its cool grey tones captured the essence of a tranquil winter day, resonating with design enthusiasts around the world. This standalone design was loved by many, yet as the years passed, we realized that this pattern should not be confined to a single shade.

Clouds Grey wallpaper by Sian Zeng in real homes


That's why we've expanded Clouds to encompass all seasons, adding 5 brand new colourways to ensure it can fit into any interior with its tranquil charm, no matter the theme. Furthermore, to make it more accessible and memorable for all, we decided to change the name from Winter Snowdrift to Clouds due to popular demand. 

Clouds wallpaper in Stone neutral nursery scandi

Stone - Perfect for a Neutral Nursery

Its light and airy tones make it an excellent choice for creating a serene, neutral nursery. Imagine your little one's first dreams accompanied by the gentle drift of clouds above. Clouds in Stone sets the stage for a space where calm and comfort reign.

Green clouds wallpaper in dining room

Green - A Touch of Nature

This colour evokes the beauty of nature, infusing your space with a sense of vitality and growth. Clouds in Green brings the outdoors in, creating a space where you can reconnect with the world beyond your windows.

Blue sky clouds wallpaper in entryway in beach house

Blue - Dive into Serenity

Ever wanted to dive into the deep blue sky? The tranquil shades of Clouds in Blue create a sunny and peaceful atmosphere in your living space. Just like gazing at a clear, open sky, it provides a backdrop of serenity that's perfect for bedrooms or any area where relaxation is a must.

Pink clouds wallpaper in bohemian bedroom

Pink - Whimsy and Tender

The delicate hues of pink in this design bring a sense of playfulness and softness to your interiors. Whether it's a children's bedroom or a creative workspace, Clouds in Pink adds a sweet and charming atmosphere to your room.

Grey sky clouds wallpaper behind table

Grey - The Original Winter Snowdrift

The original Winter Snowdrift colorway of Clouds captures the essence of a wintery day, making it an excellent choice for cozy winter vibes. Its classic shades of grey provide a timeless backdrop that can complement various interior styles, from modern to traditional. With Clouds in Grey, you can recreate the serene beauty of a snowy sky all year round.

Night sky wallpaper, black clouds in moody dark living room

Black - Moody and Dramatic

If you're a fan of dark interiors, Clouds in Black is made just for you. It evokes the ambiance of a mysterious night sky, adding depth and intensity to your interior. Whether it's a bold accent wall or strategically panelled powder bathroom, this moody backdrop is sure to turn heads.

As with all our designs, we have selected a palette of our favourite paint colours from Little Greene and Farrow & Ball to complement these six colourways. Scroll through the pictures for each colourway to find them. 

Shop all versions of the Clouds Wallpaper here

To download images of our new Clouds Wallpaper, click here.

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