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Sian's prints exhibited at StART SPACE

Sian's prints exhibited at StART SPACE
StART SPACE 150 Columbia Rd E2 7RG W Located on the quirky Columbia Road flower market, this gallery space hosts a wide range of paintings, prints and design pieces from mid-career artists and designers. It is not only a gallery but a Coffee bar as well. "Pick up a Latte from the skinniest slip of a stand, a mere doorway wide, then take a wander through the grey-washed interior to reflect on the paintings(..) The contrast with the frenzy of the market couldn't be more marked and it's a truly refreshing and relaxed environment in which to appreciate artwork" (Independent London store guide)

Startspace photo: Independent London Store Guide

I am very happy to say that my limited edition prints are now available to view and purchase at this lovely gallery. Please see a few examples of my limited edition prints below.

Little Red and the Wolf

Wolf wearing a floral undergarment


Teddy Bears in Danger


Blow Me


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