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Gender Neutral Wallpapers for Nursery Rooms

Gender Neutral Wallpapers for Nursery Rooms

When crafting a nursery for your little one, many of us already look beyond the traditional gender associations that come with certain patterns and colours. The truth is, there’s really no boundaries when it comes to creating your child’s first bedroom. As long as it’s a space that makes them feel safe, comfortable and excites their imagination, then let your ideas run wild.

This is the first space for them to explore and call their own, and so you may want to keep things relatively neutral, so their tastes and preferences can develop in a fairly natural way. That’s why we thought we’d put together a quick list of our most gender neutral wallpapers to give you some ideas of how to decorate their very first space.

This is not to say that all our wallpapers can’t be regarded as gender neutral, but we feel the below choices are the easiest to integrate into a neutral nursery for your little one.

Dino Wallpaper Pink Green by @raisingthreekind_

Dino in Pink Green

This is a very popular wallpaper in nurseries and for good reason. The blend of pink and green can be accentuated in numerous ways, whether you opt for a warm and earthy colour palette or something more natural and fresh.

The repeat pattern design contains a number of different dinosaur illustrations, desert cacti and helicopters with wings, stylishly arranged in a manner that’s fun for all. Perhaps your child has already expressed an interest with these prehistoric creatures, perhaps not, but we guarantee endless hours of fun are to be had with a wall decorated by these fascinating creatures.

Sian Zeng Woodlands Wallpaper in Blue

Woodlands in Blue

There’s a magic to our Woodlands Wallpaper that children really love. This expanse of enchanting forest brings a whimsical and wonderful sense of adventure to nursery rooms, perfect to incite some imagination in their early years.

In Blue, this wallpaper can be easily styled to suit a number of different themes. The paleness of the blue makes this colourway incredibly calming, ideal as your little one snoozes away in their cot. From quirky vintage pieces to more minimal, stripped back furniture, Woodlands is a wallpaper you can work into a whole range of colour schemes and looks.

Sian Zeng Jungle Mural in Colour

Sian Zeng Jungle Mural in Grey


Jungle Mural

A nursery room was definitely on our minds when we dreamed up the design for our Jungle Wallpaper. This Mural has so much to enchant your little one as they explore their very first space. There’s something about the lives of animals that intrigues children and with this wallpaper, they can spend their play time dreaming up stories and adventures amongst a lively expanse of trees.

Available in Colour and Grey, there’s plenty of looks you can craft for your little one’s nursery using Jungle. You may want to go all out and accentuate particular colours in our pattern through your choice of furniture and toys, or craft something minimal on the colour front. Either way, this wallpaper has the potential to create a room that excites for years to come.

Sian Zeng Hua Trees Mural in Grey

Photo: @janetekang

Hua Trees in Grey

Whilst we’ve seen Hua Trees make a really beautiful backdrop to master bedrooms and living areas, there’s a serenity to this design that’s ideal for children’s bedrooms. In a similar way to Woodlands, this wallpaper crafts a sense of calm in the home. If you’re looking for an even more neutral alternative to Woodlands, Hua Trees in Grey is the way to go.

Place this wallpaper in the view of a window to accentuate the depth of the pattern and pair with a pastel colour scheme for a balanced, baby room. It’s up to you the kind of palette you choose, but pinks, peaches and dusty greens and blues (which this design also comes in) have been proven to suit this wallpaper well.


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