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Dream Attic Bedroom Suite for Three Sisters

Dream Attic Bedroom Suite for Three Sisters

In the world of interior design, some projects stand out not only for their beauty but for the meaningful stories they capture.

Today, we’d like to take you on a journey to explore a charming attic bedroom suite designed for three sisters, brought to life by talented Mia Carta Design and John Buckley Architecture

The transformation of this previously unfinished attic space into a cozy haven was heavily influenced by our Mountains Wallpaper in Blue Peach, and we are so excited to be such an integral part of this space! 


The Clients' Vision

The attic bedroom suite was a special project for a mother and her three daughters. This previously unfinished attic space got a full blown makeover and became the primary living space for the three sisters. The clients envisioned a timeless yet inspired feel for the room, and this vision was translated into reality by the talented design duo formed by Mia Carta Design and John Buckley Architecture, and of course all the contractors who had a part in bringing this stunning design to life. Childrens wallpaper in attic without furniture


Custom Woodwork and Arch Top Doors

The attic space, though charming, presented unique challenges with its tight quarters and sloping ceiling. To maximize the functionality of the room, the designers spared no expense and incorporated custom woodwork throughout. This gave a sense of sophistication to the space, providing ample storage solutions and that timeless appeal that bespoke furniture always provides.

Childrens wallpaper in bedroom with open air closet and ensuite


One of our favourite features of the renovation is the wide, double-sided shared dressing closet for the three sisters cleverly sandwiched in the corridor space between the bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Who wouldn’t have dreamed of having this closet as a kid?

Childrens wallpaper in attic room with arched doors


In addition to the custom millwork, arches were added to the top of the doors to help project a gracious sense of height in the room, something that was paramount and solved a challenge posed by the pitched ceiling.


The Wallpaper

Mountains and bears wallpaper in childrens room


Central to the bedroom's aesthetic is our Mountains Blue Peach wallpaper. This design, adorned with whimsical illustrations of dancing bears, sea birds, and kites, serves to create an atmosphere of magic and wonder as well as balancing out the pale wood tones and textures throughout the space. Liz, Mia Carta’s founder and head designer, has stated ‘the whimsical and elegant Sian Zeng Mountains wallpaper was the perfect choice’ for this room, and we couldn’t agree more!

We adore the way our wallpaper works with the antique furniture chosen by the clients, while effortlessly blending with modern lighting and the light, airy bathroom. It even works perfectly with the stunning handmade tiles in soft shades of pink adorning the bathroom!

Modern ensuite white bathroom with pink tiles and arched doors


A Space That Grows With the Sisters

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this project is the idea that these three sisters will share this room for the rest of their childhoods - we hope this gorgeous attic bedroom suite evolves with them as they grow into incredible young women.

Childrens shared bedroom in attic with childrens wallpaper


This project, a dream collaboration between the interior designer, architect, and the clients, showcases how a good design can transform a difficult space into the perfect backdrop for cherished memories, dreams, and the heartwarming bond between three sisters. 

It stands as a reminder that with a touch of creativity and the right design elements, any space can be transformed into a magical haven. We hope this was as inspirational to you as it was for us! 


Check out the interior design studio at @miacartadesign

Check out the architects at @johnbuckleyarchitecture

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