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Curious Self Portraits By Alicia Savage

Curious Self Portraits By Alicia Savage
Alicia Savage is a Boston based photographer who produces mystical self portraits, interpreting her mindset and life, taking inspiration from her surroundings and travels. The photographs she creates exude curiosity as her face is always hidden. Alicia explains the idea behind this, saying ‘The girl becomes unidentifiable – allowing others to interpret the images as they will; incorporating their own journey and experiences.’ ‘Destinations is an on-going series of self-portraits inspired by the decision to explore on one's own...These destinations are not always far or exotic, but they are unique and important experiences to me that are bookmarked in the images I create. My experiences are just as essential to me as developing my photography abilities – they go hand and hand.’ When we discovered Alicia’s enchanting work, incorporating vintage dresses, uncharted back roads and homesteads of ancestors, we were instantly captivated and intrigued by the fact that she is not only the photographer, but also the subject, which Alicia says ‘provides me a lot of control over my ideas but there are definitely times when I wish there were two of me!’ Her work includes fine art photography, instruction and creative production, and we thought we would share some of our favourite of her images… Alicia-Savage_152 Alicia-Savage_132 Alicia-Savage_042 Alicia-Savage_012 Quotes via interview by Attila Kun
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