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Italian luxury jewellery arrives in London!

Italian luxury jewellery arrives in London!

'Dodo' entrance on launch night.

Italian charm brand 'Dodo' unveiled it's contemporary new store in London in late November 2011, and I was delighted to be invited to attend. The brand sponsored Milan Design Week, 'Young Talent of the Year' and each winning designer, including myself, was lucky enough to recieve a charm. The facade of the concept store took the form of a silicone lawn in lime green hue. The visual impact of a juxtaposing colbot blue and dynamic variation of texture provided an exciting backdrop for the jewellery pieces. The atmosphere was dynamic, fresh and on trend.

Riccardo Sciutto (managing director of Dodo) and myself.

I met managing director Riccardo Sciutto who was kind enough to show me around the ground floor gallery. The charms celebrated some of London's darker residents- the rat, the fly and the pigeon.

The fly, the rat and the pigeon.

These pieces were intriugingly displayed under glass bell jars peppered with decals of flies which reflected the tounge-in-cheek humor.

My assistant, Lizzie!


Thank-you for a great evening!
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