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Our Black Friday Sale is Here

Our Black Friday Sale is Here

As the nights turn longer and colder, inside our computers are only getting hotter as Black Friday sale time approaches.

Here at Sian Zeng, however, we like to march to the beat of our own drum. That's why we're starting our Big Black Friday Sale a little early this year... 

Beginning on 17 November, we're offering 20% off of all purchases made at That's right: no exclusions! This sale is just too good to last only one day. That's why our Black Friday sale is there for you all week long, up until Sunday 25 November.

Now, the important question: how do you get access to our Black Friday sale? Simply follow this link here to have the 20% discount applied directly to your cart at check-out.

Otherwise, use the code BlackF18 at checkout to grab this great bargain.

What We're Buying in the Black Friday Sale

It's the perfect time to add some wallpaper to that neutral room or get on top of your kids' stocking stuffers with our fun and playful magnets.

With so many options to choose from, here are our top picks of what to nab during our big Black Friday event:

Classic Dino Wallpaper in Pink Green

Was £69, now £55.20 in the Black Friday Sale

Sian Zeng Classic Dino Wallpaper in Pink Green

While we love our most popular Dino wallpaper for kids' rooms and playtime, in the Pink Green colourway, it's transformed into something much more grown-up. Soft and understated, this wallpaper is a beautiful backdrop to a vase of flowers in an entryway, or becomes an inspiring mood board to an office or studio.

Seasons Collection Wallpaper in Spring Wild Rain

Was £195 for a 10m roll, now £156 in the Black Friday Sale

Sian Zeng Classic Seasons Wallpaper in Wild Spring Rain

It may not be springtime just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't liven up your home with a bold, beautiful print, like our Spring Wild Rain wallpaper. Follow Sian's example and use this tropical print as a feature wall in the bedroom, perfect with a palette of moody greys.

Magnetic Hua Trees Mural in Pink

Was starting from £443.50, now from £354.80 in the Black Friday Sale

Sian Zeng Magnetic Hua Trees Mural in Pink

Let your child's imagination run wild with our magnetic Hua Trees mural in their bedroom or playroom. In a soft pink hue, this wallpaper mural is both whimsical and yet elegant, a style that will grow as they do. Pair it with some of our favourite magnets: a pink frog, a green hedgehog, or our Crispin St. House magnet. 

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