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All You Need To Know About Ceiling Roses

All You Need To Know About Ceiling Roses

Here at Sian Zeng we are always happy to help with interiors ideas and technicalities and a topic that keeps popping up is ceiling roses, so we thought we would get some advice from an expert!

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Chris Jones, the founder of, offers traditional service in the 21st century, having been involved in projects ranging from a 900-bedroom hotel refurbishment in Central London, to new builds and period property restorations all over the country. Have a read of his tips on how to pick, prepare and position your ceiling rose:

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Do ceiling roses work with different ceiling heights or just with high ceilings? There are no hard and fast rules here. The main factor is the light fitting which is chosen; a good choice of ceiling rose highlights and adds to the effect of the light fitting, which is usually the much more expensive item. In fact, it’s our intention to start selling light fittings to go with some of our roses as we are very often asked about them. The height of a ceiling is therefore a factor as you need the clearance above head height for the light fitting, however a light fitting with a smaller drop can also be made to work in a room with a lower ceiling.

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Photographer - Tara Pearce - Est Magazine What is the process of placing a ceiling rose? All ceiling roses should be both screwed to the joists holding up the ceiling and also glued to the plaster ceiling itself.

Dry wall screws are suitable to fix through to the joists with the heads countersunk. Very few ceilings are perfectly flat so you will need to fill around the edge of the ceiling rose and also over the screw holes. The best finish can be achieved by using casting plaster for the filling. Your rose is then ready for decorating, we have a video on the website showing how this is all done. If you need to connect or disconnect a light fitting please ask a qualified electrician to do this. How do you go about measuring up what you need to order? The main factor here is the light fitting that will be used because the ceiling rose must be both in proportion to it and complementary to it. The central boss of the fitting where it joins the rose will need to be accommodated without interfering with the pattern; we have a number of designs with a wide central area such as LPR011 which can take virtually any light fitting and is a classic Victorian design. I would always recommend buying the ceiling rose you want and then going shopping for lights. We hear many stories of customers who cannot have the ceiling rose they want because their light fitting does not have a boss of a suitable size. Some have even had to buy new light fittings to get the rose they wanted. More reasons why we shall soon have a small range of high quality fittings to provide our customers with the complete package.

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Do you need to have the ceiling smooth and sealed before placing the ceiling rose? No, as the rose is screwed and filled this does not matter. Is there anything else you must consider before purchasing? Please remember that a ceiling rose will need filling and then decorating before you have the final look. All of ours are handmade in the traditional way just as they were in Victorian times and may have very small imperfections; this is normal and all variations in colour etc will disappear once the rose is decorated. It is not a five minute job to just stick one of these to the ceiling, you will need to do a bit of work first and then decorate it before you will see the rose in its finished splendour. What are your most popular designs and best sellers? Of the smaller roses (those 600mm and below) our two most popular designs are MPR065, a 470mm diameter plain ceiling rose which is suitable for modern properties with lower ceilings and smaller light fittings, and MPR063, an ornate Victorian ceiling rose which has a diameter of 520mm, which you can use anywhere but I know is particularly popular in the bedrooms of Victorian properties.

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Moving onto larger ceiling roses again it is the ornate Victorian styles such as LPR003, a 720mm rose featuring an egg and dart outer border and acanthus leaves, along with a larger sized plainer design of concentric rings, such as LPR032, which is suitable for any property back to the Victorian era, where plainer roses such as this are often used with our swan neck coving MPC065. It is often possible to pick out elements of a coving design and find a ceiling rose to match, then add a
well chosen
light fitting and all three elements will be shown off to their best effect. The correct choice of ceiling rose can make a bigger difference to a room than many people imagine. There is an extensive choice of sizes and designs on our website; they are not expensive, we keep them all in stock and offer next day delivery. 

Ceiling Rose comparison

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